Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Business Blog:

Now that I'm listing on my 4 interlinking websites for vintage and antiques, I have started a blog for the first website: You are invited to take a look and become a follower. I will showcase estate sale finds, and any info I find on various antiques and vintage.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My New Blog for

I have started a blog which will feature my main website
and will showcase listings, and known history of vintage and antiques, that I've found at estate sales, and antique stores. is my main website, which links with , , and .
Please follow my blog at:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crafty People are so inspirational!

I was just reading Sharon's blog at C'est Chouette. Her needlepoint pillows are inspirational! Her creativity....
I see myself diving into a barrel of items, or looking under a table, too! LOL I've found vintage finds in hidden places, buried under other things too!
As I've put together three websites, and started listing my vintage items, I think I have reason to crow about it! My first customer, of one of my vintage quilts, lovingly gave praise for all of my hard work designing my web pages! If I were a peacock I would preen my feathers! LOL Maybe I'm being nonsensical, but that's how it felt!
I sold a quilt before my front web page was complete!
Tomorrow is my day off from my full time job, and time to take photos and list vintage!
I can hardly wait! :O)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

At long last vacation time for me, but I can't leave those antique malls alone! :O)

It's been ages since I've been on the blog...I know I'm just terrible! I was at the point of computer overload! LOL All work and very little 'play' made me a very grumpy gal!
My hubby and I are in Houston, Tx., staying three nights at the Hyatt Place Hotel; tonight's our last night. :O( I'm using the hotel PC to blog. (We'll be coming back here again, as we were treated like royalty! It's a three star hotel, but the staff are super nice! My hubby luvs the HD channels on the wide screen T.V. It's probably a plasma too...gorgeous picture! Corpus Christi is behind the times!)
We became members of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and went to the Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit (China's first emperor...13 yrs. old when he came into power.)on Thursday when we arrived in town. This historical figure was a "monster" enslaving his own people to create a monument to himself! He tortured, maimed, and murdered at whim...people were buried alive! He just might surpass Hitler in historical "monster" category! Super exhibit!
Friday we returned to see the Ghengis Khan Exhibit, and found out that this historical Mongolian leader and conqueror, was not the monster that Hollywood portrayed. He promoted freedom of religion, started the first postal service, taxation system (but he made artisans, teachers, and religious clergymen tax exempt), conservation effort, promoted literacy, encouraged free trade among many countries, and much, much more! He was great at making money! He invented battle tactics that are still taught at military academies...even West Point! ...Imagine that!!!
We'll see how tomorrow goes before we leave...maybe stop by again to see the Diamond Exhibit and a 3D Imax film in the am.
This weekend jaunt was based around the Museum and a rock concert. This die hard Aerosmith fan, got to see them again in concert, on Friday night! The 'boys from Boston' were teamed up with the 'Texas boys', ZZTop! This is my second time to see Aerosmith, and third time for ZZTop! 'Great concert, but the Woodlands Pavillian was soooo hot!!! I thought I would melt into the seat! It's outdoor, with a covered part, that we were under, but the fans above did very must have been 110 degrees with all the folks in there!!! The sound was unclear too; I couldn't even make out the words to the songs, and both groups sing quite clearly. It was the sound bouncing around in the Pavillion! Oh, time we'll try the AT&T Center, San Antonio, or Corpus, or fly somewhere to a larger stadium concert!
Today we went to an antique mall in Spring, Tx., north of Houston; the Woodlands had been farther out. I was shown some vintage jewelry treasures, in a nautical style jewelry case, that I had asked about. But when this linen luver was told of vintage linens, that this vendor had in her area...I started looking and spent the last of my cash for discounts! LOL hubby had walked through the mall, but I had only looked at three areas briefly, before attacking the linens!!! LOL
Some of these will be listed on my websites, and/or my Etsy, or Bonanzle shops. When I get some listed, I'll post photos here too!
So...I'm signing off for now...this linen luver is spending some time with the hubby making iced coffees to drink with our dessert, and curling up in front of the big screen...with wine coolers to follow! LOL :O)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well it's not a month...but it's none too soon!

I'm still trying to do html for web pages! I'd rather do that than laundry or dishes! LOL Ebay, Etsy, Bonanzle, all the ning networks, and now Twitter, can be very addictive! Oh, and I forgot Facebook! LOL
And this blog is getting neglected! When I put on the two gorgeous purses I'm listing at Bonanzle, I'll post them here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well...the night owl is up again!

I'm up late on my night off. I'm able to put embedded code into html, but I have to find out where I can get a slideshow to put my own photos in, to upload to my site.
I sure don't want to upload my photos somewhere else!
Maybe I can get the code from someone.
I still have to figure out the linking on my website to pages I want to make. I'll get there! You can teach and old 'dinosaur' new tricks! LOL :O)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's almost a month!!!! Oh, my gosh!!!

Well, I really guess I'm not a daily blogger! It would be better than shopping on ebay! LOL I have been reading alot of emails, and online lately, and not listing my vintage on etsy or bonanzle. :O(
I took a look at Photo Shop, which web designers use; you can make collages and buttons or banners for web pages, etc. Well...the one that sounded right for me cost over $700.00!
I guess I will continue to use html and links to work on my web page. I have to figure out how to link a page of favorite links to an little animated angel! How does that sound for tricks? LOL 'Wish me luck! :O)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitter...I'm kind of lost....

I joined Twitter and found a few celebrities to follow, and just one of my antique connections. I tried searching for people I know, but I guess I need their emails???
I'm a new Twitterer who is 'twattled'! LOL
As if I need another thing, too! I'm already on upteen ning networks!
I'd better work on my website to try to sell some antiques and vintage!

I'm not a regular blogger I guess!

I guess a regular quick note each day would be good, instead of editorializing! LOL
Last Monday my DH took me to Padre Island, with three of our mutts. I took photos of him on the beach with two of the dogs...Oso (our gorgeous rust colored lab), and Buster (my little 'Jimmie Cagney' brindle mix terrier/beagle), and Bandit (our carmel colored female dog with the pretty face...who cried so much, we had to put her in the truck with the windows rolled down. She was afraid of the waves!)
I tried out my KODAK EASYSHARE V1273 Digital Camera, and I got such crisp, clear photos of the gorgeous blue sky with sea gulls, the sandpipers on the beach, the rolling ocean waves, my hubby with our Oso and Buster, in the water, the Bob Hall pier and tackle shop...even the exit sign looked great! Most of my photos look like professional quality! I couldn't even see the viewfinder with the bright sunlight, so I aimed and clicked....
I can't wait for more 'photo shoots'! LOL

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's late in the day...

It's almost midnight, and it's very quiet. All I hear is the ticking of my 1950's wall clock, and the clicking of the keyboard as I type. My hubby is in bed, as he has to work early in the morning. I work Mon. 11-7. I'm the 'night owl' goes with my job, I guess.
I really don't have time for this blogging, but I guess it is good therapy! LOL
You'd better watch what you blog...'big brother may be watching'! LOL Have you seen "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Gene Hackman? That was a 'good' movie!
I've purchased a few domain names, and will be working on a couple of websites. I have some pretty good ideas for what will be on them, and different themes for the front pages. I'm thinking of taking photos of vintage and doing collages in different themes, for the different sites. I don't know if Paint Shop Pro will be enough, or I'll have to buy a program to do that. Maybe something from Kodak?
I like to be creative, so I'd like to do it myself. Web pages are expensive too. One I liked was $350.00! It will come in time! :O)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Bags! Purses with Pizzazz! Beaded Beauties!

I am a member of the VTLC (Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club) and I've become a 'Linen Addict' as I call myself! LOL And as some of you know...I'm becoming a 'Vintage Quilt Vixen'! I feel like a fox in a hen house attacking, when I've had occasion to run into an estate sale to grab quilts on the second day when they are reduced in price! LOL
But now...I have a growing collectors obsession with vintage handbags...'30's & '40's tapestries, Victorian drawstring purses, beaded handbags from the '40's. '50's & '60's! And they are so difficult to part with! I can't keep them all! My bedroom is over flowing...and my husband lives there too! LOL
So, please come up with a name for my newest obsession, but please be kind! :O)

Here are two (so far...) of my purses that I have dared to part with, if you'd like to take a look! :O)

Vintage Whiting Davis Gold Clutch Bag /Purse!

Vintage Whiting Davis Black Mesh Bag / Purse!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

'Going Green' With Estate Sales...

I'm finding myself wanting to expand on comments I'm leaving on friends' blogs today!
I find that there are more people attending estate sales, and the line ups are horrendous!!! More people are watching their money, so it isn't just antique 'pickers' like myself who are attending. More people are furnishing their homes with vintage.
Due to the economy, I think more people are 'going green' without realizing it. For example, I've seen a young couple looking for furniture for their apartment, and I've seen a middle aged couple thrilled to buy a 1970's china cabinet, that was beautiful wood, and much cheaper than a new one in a furniture store.
Alot of people attending these sales are friendly, and like to talk to other people about the items, and what they think is collectible. There are people I've grown to recognize, and will greet me, and other people, they meet. These are the antique & vintage luvers!
Most of the estate sales I have attended, promote courtesy at the sale, and respect for not blocking resident parking; these are sales by estate sellers I know. These estate businesses are run by people who give the personal touch...sharing their expertise about items, and giving regulars advance notice of upcoming sales.
I have been to family run estate sales where the people have been very nice also! There were only a couple of sales where I met rude people pushing for items...those were not put on by the main estate sellers in this area.
The last estate sale I attended was very professionally run, and it was an estate seller who I had not met before. I appreciated the personal touch of sharing his knowledge about the vintage jewelry for sale, and I will attend more of his sales in future. His business will be added to my list of favorites.

Fond memories of days gone by...

I had posted this on a friend's blog, but I thought I should post it here too:
Good things do come back to you! You gave a very thoughtful gift to your mother, and now you have it to enjoy, for many wonderful memories!
I know what this means...I had reupholstered a vintage wooden chair for my mother in law when she had asked me one time.
Later, when I came across a wooden antique footstool, I cleaned it up, made a cushion on top, and upholstered it to match her chair. My hubby and I gave this to his parents on their anniversary. This was one of the few times I saw her cry, and she was at a loss for words!
When she was in poor health, in her later years, she gave us the chair and stool. She died not too long afterward. These I will never part with....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Friend's Reality Check...I'm having one too...

I was just reading A Sentimental Journey's Blog, and it really hit me hard, that quite a few people are having to deal with some very 'heavy' stuff lately!
Today's blog will not be an antique 'show off' or attempt to 'sell my 'wares! LOL
Instead, I'll be serious for a bit... My previous blog was about my favorite antique store closing...Now all of my vintage & antiques, and furnishings, right down to the decorative hooks on the walls...are now packed away at my home! That alone is bad enough! That was my stress relief, my fun, my passion, away from home and work! The worst thing friend is trying to survive his 'baby' closing, after all the heart & soul he has put into that business!
My physical health, trying to cope with not being able to do what I did before, and fighting to keep my job and keep so hard, but I'm determined not to cry...I want and need to stay angry, and all 'fired up', so I can keep going! My 'grit' and determination have not been 'called upon' for this long and hard a time, ever before! I'm not afraid of identity theft to express things here, as I'd luv for someone to steal my life and live it right now, taking over all my medical bills and other debts! They'd 'crack up'...they couldn't handle it! And they wouldn't have my DH for loving support!
The third thing, that I cannot control, is my mother dying...she's in paliative care right now, and I'm just waiting for the phone call! I won't be able to go to the funeral as it's in my home country, and no money, no time (have to keep my job!), and customs constraints (I'm a legal resident here.) My eldest sister sounded so depressed on the phone about me not being able to be with them when it happens....
Our 'sweetheart sis' (in the middle) is having trouble with a very bad broken bone near her hip not healing, and she can't work! She may have to sell her 1930's home and move into an apartment! :O(
A friend I work with here, had alot of family troubles, and her favorite nephew just died! He was in his early '20's! It seems like a 'bloody' soap opera (as the 'Brits' would say)! Are alot of people getting 'tested' in their lives lately? And I'm not just talking about the economy....
The fourth thing that I couldn't control, was my eldest son being in Iraq on his third tour of duty! He is now discharged from the army, moved into an apartment with his best friend in Austin, and signing up for college classes the end of May!
He stopped in briefly Thurs. to pick up his motorcycle, and a few things we were storing for him. He couldn't leave his 'girls' in the front of his truck too long! LOL He has two gorgeous, happy female brindle colored puppies, from the pit bull rescue in Tennessee! They were all excited to meet me, and forgot their manners (that my son is trying so hard to teach them!) of them gave me a big kiss right on the mouth! Ugh! LOL Pet son is sooo smart! He'll be fine, and is getting his life on track! I can worry 'a little less' about him, and get less grey hair! LOL
Now I'm going to get all sentimental on you..."When a door closes...God opens a window!"
I think I'm greedy, but I'd luv another window to for my youngest son...the dreamer and entrepreneur...he's trying to get a supply website going with a large corporation...I will keep praying on that! I want to see him reach his goal...he's waited so long....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Brian's Antiques! :O(

If you will read my blog profile you will see that I'm one of the vendors at a very special antique store...Brian's Antiques in Corpus Christi, Texas.
But due to the current economy, Brian is forced to close his antique shop! Brian's Antiques will be officially closing March 31st.
I will be removing all my furnishings in the last few days, of this month. Until then, all the vendors, and Brian, are putting quite a few things on sale.
I will continue to sell as a vintage & antique vendor, on my new website, that I'm building....

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Very Unique 1950's Mastercrafters Wall Clock!

This is my very lovely vintage plastic wall clock by Mastercrafters, with the little lady swinging on her pendulum swing, keeping excellent time! :O)

Please show me your wall clocks!

What Do You Have On Your Kitchen Counter? :O)

I just luv my 1950's Turquoise Tube Radio made by Arvin...I listen to am talk radio with vintage style!
The Sunbeam Mixer I found at a local estate sale, but it is more for show, than use...too busy posting discussions at IAO I guess! LOL The Eames Era style vinyl cover I also purchased at an estate sale, but I only paid $1.00, and it cleaned easily! :O) I'll bet it was a blender cover, but it fits our wide sliced toaster really well!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Handmade Vintage Jewelled Photo Frames ~ Beautiful & Sparkling! They Can Be Yours To Treasure!

Recently, I have been getting back to my 'crafty' side! I have started creating my Vintage Jewelled Photo Frames. These first two vintage wooden frames came from a local estate sale. I found them during one of my treasure hunts! One of them has a photo of a very young Robert Taylor, who was a prevalent leading man in the motion picture industry. The photo of him in the one frame, appears to be from the late 1930's to 1940's.
The other picture frame was empty, so I printed the image of a vintage photo of Greta Garbo, giving it a bluish tinge, and placed it in the frame. I thought that was fitting, as they starred in the movie 'Camille' together, in 1937.
I layered the photo frames with vintage jewellry from the 1930's to 1950's, including many earrings, brooches, a scarf clip, and various vintage beads and crystals. I hope you will find them to your liking!
They would look beautiful in your home, or be a thoughtful gift!
Take a look at

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Much more important things to worry about!

As my previous posting touched upon trivial things that some people were so absorbed with...
A couple of days ago, I saw a middle aged gentleman, (very neatly dressed by the way), on a busy corner of the access road, that runs along one of our city's major expressways. He was holding up a sign to passing motorists that read: 'The War Is Over! Bring Our Troops Home!' I was thinking that this man may be a veteran or the
parent of a serviceman. He had a very determined look on his face...and he had all
of my respect....
As this is a predominantly military town, with our Naval base, and many young people from this area having joined the military, I think he was hoping that people would contact their congressman, or state representative.
I say...bring our remaining troops home!
My son has recently returned from his third tour of duty in Iraq! He told me that they can be recalled up to 8 years after their discharge! 8 years! My son has already reenlisted several times, so I say enough!!!
There are so many service people who are not assisted by the government when they are discharged, with health care, education, housing, and readjustment to being home
again. Or they are given very little assistance.
My son is extremely lucky that he is from Texas, as his education will be paid, and he will be assisted with housing. Other states do not have the same benefits for veterans! Veterans, in all of the U.S.A., need to be treated equally!
Please remember this when you are voting on an important government proposal!

There's an enemy in the house! LOL

'Just a little update on the antique online ning site...the administrator joined one of the sites that I, and quite a few others are on, just long enough to send invites to people to join their antique ning site. When found out by one of us, they deleted part of their profile! LOL I guess they thought it was a 'covert' operation! LOL
I feel sorry for the nice people who will sign up and start to see posts being deleted and being told what to do over there... :O(
As the old adage goes...'A horse will show it's true colors'... It's too bad they don't 'play nice'...they must have learned bad habits 'early on', in the 'sandbox'!
With all of the things going on in the be so so immature, and insecure. I feel sorry for people who need to tear down others to feel 'big' themselves. :O(
My blog has really turned into a serious, philosophical place hasn't it? But, everyone needs to 'vent'...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some ning sites are not 'user friendly'! :O(

I was a member of an antique online site for quite sometime, joining in discussions, posting blogs, moderating two very popular vintage groups. I was networking with many collectors and dealers of vintage & antiques. I was learning alot in areas that I was not familiar with, and meeting some very knowledgeable, and very, very nice people! I was even promoting that site on this blog!
It all came to a halt when I noticed posts and discussions being deleted, and members disappearing from the site! Members were asked to change their page content, as it was not to the editor's liking! There was nothing offensive with the content at all! One of my 'friends' was marked as banned from the site!
At first, I was stunned, and not knowing if I should ask; I was thinking...there you go Don Quixote...chasing your windmills again...standing up for the underdog again.... I did ask questions, and was feeling duped, and then got angry! My groups were going to be taken was starting! I was not fast enough to delete things, as others had, and I was banned for asking questions about the missing! Now I am labelled by that site administrator as one of the 'bad apples'! Well, the 'bad apples' do not fall very far from the tree! LOL
What is so shocking to me, is that three of the people that were forced out, are so knowledgeable in their areas of my opinion, they are practically historians! That ning site was fulfilling the adage of "cutting off your nose to spite your face"! The new sites these people have moved to, will benefit greatly from their knowledge and experience, as I will continue to!
We are finding each other, and starting up our groups again! We will welcome one and all, from the novice to the experienced collector, & dealer! All we wanted was a fun community of giving & sharing people, who network, promote their sales sites, and share knowledge! Well, we've been welcomed to new homes, where they encourage input, and creativity!
Come join alot of us at and . We will welcome you with open arms! :O)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you ready to Bonanzle? A Great Selling Site for Vintage & Antiques!

After encouragement from vintage sellers that have moved to Bonanzle, I have started listing items there. Today I had my first Bonanzle sale, which encourages me to list much, much more! It's a pretty easy site to understand, but I'm still learning the ropes, being a 'newbie'. Now...if I can only stop shopping! LOL
Maybe you might like to try to Bonanzle! If you'd like to take a look at my Bonanzle shop:
Luv2LuvAntiques Booth

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Antique Quilt..."to be or not to be...." for that is the question!

I am learning vintage fabrics, and can identify them fairly well from the 1930's through '70's, but I am still getting to know the earlier ones. The lady I purchased this quilt from, stated that it was an Antique...Victorian Bar Quilt. I do see old calicos, the really old feedsack on the back with the printed stamp, and I can tell it is the really old kind of batting. I would appreciate identification of some of the fabrics, dating it to the newest fabric.

I had one reply from Sharon S., of, who pointed out the floral fabric near the edge as being from the 1930's. I have found the black print fabric listed as:
Black with bright textured overlays, 1880 - 1910, on pages 106 & 107, of
Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide 1800 - 1960 by Eileen Jahnke Trestain
(Sharon had recommended this book to me, and I luv it! I want to get the second book!) date a quilt by the newest fabric, not the oldest one, so although my quilt has fabrics that are 100 years old, it is a 1930's quilt. Maybe, that is a decrease in the dollar value of the quilt, but to me it is a great history of 'dating' fabrics!
This quilt is one I am facinated with, so it is a 'keeper'! :O)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~Mosaic Artist Mary Garrett~

The mosaic header above our bedroom doorway!

The beautiful mosaic vintage mirror over the fireplace!

A big hearty hello to Mary Garrett, a mosaic artist from Venice, Fl, who is a very talented lady! I hope she will give us a sneak peak of her latest projects, on her website!
I'm a great fan of her work, which has been featured in Cottage Style Magazine, and Country Decorating Ideas Magazine. Her website illustrates the cottage style / romantic decor of her home.
I have quite a few of her pieces, such as a large vintage oval bevelled mirror over our fireplace mantle (it is adorned with fine china pieces, and china flowers...just gorgeous!), a mosaic header that sits over the top of the doorway in our bedroom (which I think, has a very Victorian look), and a mosaic vintage half moon table. I also have a very whimsically decorated shelf, small tray, watering can, trinket box, vintage hand mirror, two foot stools / benches, a heart shaped wall hook, and a bird bath (which is decorated with shells and vintage jewelry)! I may have forgotten something! LOL
Mary has crafted many items, such as mosaic step ladders, bird houses, vintage cake plates, vintage tea sets, candle holders, vintage columns, and beautiful tea carts, to name a few! There are also jewelled photo frames, and belt buckles, among the many items listed on her website.
Her daughter is very artistic too. Take a look at Azuree's Fairy Art, and Vintage Pins, featured on the website. I luv her altered art photo framesl! I have one of her best! LOL
You can drop in and shop at their website! The Vintage Dragonfly
Diane Mc (BlackRain4 on ebay) ( (
I'm starting a website:
I'm a member of
I'm also a member of
I'm also a member of

Etsy: A fun site for Collectors of Vintage & Antiques! Another great venue for Sellers!

I have recently started working on my Etsy Shop. I am finding Etsy easy to navigate, and set up 'shop'! I see more vintage and antiques on Etsy, than I did a few months ago. The word is spreading that Etsy is a growing, and seller friendly community!

I enjoy seeing all the handmade items, such as quilts, and crocheted throws, by Bonnie sold me a MWT Vintage Golden Roses Tablecloth, so she has a friend for life! LOL
I looked at jewelry handcrafted using antique / vintage pieces, along with the modern.
And also, there is clothing made from vintage linens, such as for babies and toddlers, by I Antique Online's own Tina, who is Bossy Baby Vintage and Organic Clothing! Her organic baby onesies, and toddlers dresses made with vintage pillowcases, and embelished with laces, hankies, and ribbons, really impressed me! She is so creative! So visit her Etsy Store...Bossy and website

Now, to thoroughly confuse my website is (which my working on, is postponed again! LOL), my ebay ID is BlackRain4 (can you guess where that came from? LOL Any movie buffs out there?)
I was selling a bit on ebay, and now I'm selling on Etsy. So...I named my Etsy site....BlackRain4's Vintage & Antique Shop. I'll be showcasing vintage & antiques...linens & lace, quilts, bedspreads, kitchenware, jewelry, etc., and some things handcrafted from vintage. My 1930's Vintage Photo Frames decorated with Vintage Jewelry, will be my first handcrafted items. I'm just starting up, so please don't be too critical! LOL
Diane Mc (BlackRain4 at
I'm starting a website:
I'm a member of

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Cleaning Your Vintage Quilt!

This colorful Vintage Lone Star Quilt can be seen at:

I have been told how to clean linens by experts. A lady I know locally, who is a quilt expert, gives appraisals of vintage/antique quilts. I was talking to her about cleaning quilts. Also, I'm a member of the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club; I've learned alot from them about cleaning and storing other textiles. (Some of the members have written books about vintage/antique linens.) I've cleaned many tablecloths, blankets, bedspreads, towels, aprons, pillowcases, doilies, lace, vintage clothing, (damask, Quaker Lace, chenille, barkcloth, etc.) I've even cleaned a vintage lampshade with Biz solution.
Please stop putting quilts in your washer with oxyclean, and the dryer, with all that heat and tumbling! You cannot wring or twist the material. Oxyclean will eat holes in alot of vintage/antique fabric. I've seen some sellers online recommend bleach for spot will eat holes and make white areas, removing the dyes! A professional dry cleaning also may harm a quilt. The chemicals and pressing...!!! You are literally "killing the quilts with kindness"!
Textile museums have a quilt bath, like a long trough, that washes and rinses, without twisting, or squeezing the fabric, and then the quilt drains and dries.

Cleaning a vintage/antique quilt:
Clean your bath tub really well, and rinse all the cleaner out with hot water. Lay clean towels on the bottom of the tub, and lay the quilt on the towels. A bed sheet may work better for you. Then fill your tub with warm water. (Don't let the water run directly on the quilt, as the force may cause holes! Don't use hot water in case the colors run...if they do run, immediately put the quilt in cold water.) Let it soak in plain water for a while, for the old soap and alot of dirt to come out. Then empty the bath tub, letting the water drain from the quilt for a while. You gently roll the quilt up in the towels, removing it from the tub. (Have a garbage bag on the floor to sit it in, as it will be soaking wet.)
If you've found the colors to be colorfast, you can try a bit warmer water temperature in the tub. Put Arm & Hammer Detergent in the water, mixing well. (Arm & Hammer has the baking soda to get rid of odors and it really removes stains well! I've used it on many fragile vintage/antique linens.) Unroll the quilt gently, placing it in the tub, still on top of the towels. (Never lift up on the wet quilt itself, as it may tear.) Let the quilt soak for a few hours. (You can move it around a few times inbetween, very gently.) Then drain the water and rinse the quilt well, several times until the water runs clear. Let the quilt drain for awhile, and then roll it up in the towels, remove it from the tub to sit on the floor in the garbage bag again. You could try repeating these steps if the quilt is really dirty.
Then put water in the tub, with as warm a temperature as the quilt will tolerate. Mix in a quilt cleaning mixture that will soak out more stains. (Quilters have mentioned "Restoration" that you can purchase online. I was able to buy a quilt soak powder in town here.) Then unroll the quilt laying it on the towels, in the bath tub again. Let it soak for hours. Then you do the draining, rinsing and draining steps over and over, until the water runs clear. Vintage fabric experts say to lay the wet quilt directly on the grass in the yard in the sun to dry. The natural oxygenation process of the grass (chlorophyl in the grass), and sun will help remove stains also. This is called "sun crofting". (If you have dogs, like I do, you can lay the quilt on towels on a table to dry in the sun. That's the second choice.)
It is alot of work, but the quilt will have minimal damage, unless it has dry rot. You will preserve the quilt, as leaving it dirty, with increasing storage stains, will continue to break down the fabric. If you have rust, it will oxidize and spread over a larger area, literally eating holes in the fabric.
You can then display your quilt on a quilt rack, chair, or bed. In lieu of a window curtain, you could hang your quilt over a curtain rod, with a heavy window shade behind (to keep the sun off the quilt to prevent fading). This will really beautify a room! If you want to store the quilt, wrap it in unbleached muslin, to prevent storage stains. (After you buy the new muslin wash it with Arm & Hammer Detergent in your machine, rinsing the soap out well, before you dry it.)

Per Hart Cottage Quilts online site:

"Please don’t dry-clean a vintage or antique quilt. And keep it away from the dryer!

You can do this to all but the most delicate quilts:
Pick a nice breezy day for this. Buy some fiberglass screen (this is the kind modern window screens are made of). Cut a manageable piece, say 18" square or so, and cover the edges with masking tape so you don’t snag yourself or the quilt. Lay the quilt down on your carpet, put the screen over it, and use your vacuum cleaner’s dusting attachment to suck out dust from the quilt through the screen. You will be amazed at the difference this can make.
Then move the quilt outdoors. Lay it on a sheet in the shade, or (if it’s sturdy) drape it over a sheet-covered rail fence (no pickets!) or a couple of clotheslines spaced a few feet apart so the weight is evenly distributed and the quilt isn’t flapping around, and let it snooze in the fresh air for the day. No Febreze or other "freshening" sprays, please. We don’t yet know their long-term effect on fabrics, especially antique ones."

I have a vintage hand tied quilt that is wool and cotton corduroy, so I would not wash it. Experts say to forget the dry cleaners...they will ruin it! If using it on a bed, make sure a top sheet turns down over the top of the quilt. Do not sit directly on the quilt when sitting on the side of the bed...turn it back and sit on the sheet. Place a smaller blanket, or throw, at the foot of the bed, for your pet cat or dog. (My little dog likes his own towel at the foot, and can still sleep with me!) You may use a lint roller to remove loose lint or hair (the type with the tear off sheets on the handled roller).
I hope you will use this information, and pass it along to others, so more vintage quilts are preserved.
Take care, Diane Mc (BlackRain4 on ebay) ( (
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The Care & Storage of Vintage Linens

This lovely Vintage Pink Roses Huck Towel / Table Runner can be seen at:

Vintage linens need to be washed by hand and line dried, to prevent damage to the fibers. Do not use a washer & dryer, as the agitation of the washing machine will cause holes, and heat from the dryer will cause fiber loss and shrinkage. A front loading washer may be a possibility for sturdier linens.
Use a plastic tub to wash your linens, as metal has an oxidation process which may cause rust. (I found a clear plastic tub with handles, that fits in one of my kitchen sinks, at WalMart.) A clear plastic tub is best, as you can see if colors run, while you are soaking your vintage linens. If color starts to run, immediately rinse the cloth with cold water to remove the solution. Some old things cannot handle hot water.
One of the VTLC members suggested soaking a vintage linen in plain tepid, or lukewarm water, to loosen old dirt, soaps, and stains, that are in the fibers, before you even use a presoak, such as Biz. (There may be alot of old soap, or starch, residue left in the vintage 'cloth.) I did this and saw old soap, and alot of dirt come out! I use Biz now most of the time. It is terrific. I may soak something in a Biz, or Oxyclean solution, first...for about 30 minutes to one hour (or more), and then change the water...putting Ivory Snow, or All Detergent in (depending on the type, age, and content of the vintage linen). There is still quite a bit of the Biz on the 'cloth (as you have not rinsed it) which will continue to work. Biz can be too harsh for very delicate things. For extremely delicate, older things, use plain water presoak, rinse, and soak in Ivory Snow solution. CAUTION: The new Biz has OXY products in it!!! Oxy cleaners may damage rayon or linen blended fabrics, and even make holes in fabrics with metallic threads!
So, put cool water, with Ivory Snow Liquid Detergent, in the plastic basin. Soak your vintage linen 2 hours to 48 hours, depending on how dirty it is. You must move the item around once in a while, to make sure all areas soak properly. Ivory Snow is safe for even the older vintage cloths (30's & 40's, or earlier), embroidery, crochet, and even cloths with metallic threads (as silver & gold metallic threads in some Christmas Tablecloths.) Rinse your cloth with cool water, until the water runs clear. Leaving soap in the cloth can weaken the fibers. Never wring or twist the cloth, just squeeze gently. Then hang to dry outside on a clothes line, or lay flat on towels on a table. Hang the vintage linen part way over the line, as hanging at the corners can stretch it and leave marks. Use plastic clothes pins, as the wooden ones can leave marks.
If you would like to try to remove spots from tablecloths, you could try using "Simple Green" Household spray. After you have wet your cloth in the basin of Ivory Snow solution, you can spray the Simple Green on the spots to soak. This is not an oxygen product, so it is safer for older fabrics. Try it first on an outside area of the cloth to be safe. (Make sure you have good air filtration, as it has quite a strong odor!)
If you are washing a 50's or later tablecloth (for example) you could try soaking it in "Biz" (which quite a few vintage collectors do). I soaked two vintage white damask tablecloth and napkin sets, a print tablecloth, and an embroidered dresser scarf, in biz, with beautiful results. I have tried soaking the 50's & 60's 'cloths in Oxy Magic, with some detergent, such as Ivory Snow Liquid. I have also tried a soak with Ivory Snow Liquid and putting Oxy Clean Liquid on spots, after the cloth is wet. There are other Oxy products as well. Also, I have soaked 50's & 60's 'cloths in Woolite in cold water, sometimes spotting with "Simple Green". Remember not to use the Oxy products, or Woolite, on crochet, embroidery, metallic threads, finer, and/or older cloths, etc. These fabrics cannot take the brighteners! Never use chlorine bleach!!! It will weaken fibers, erase patterns, possibly make holes, and leave white areas. I cringe at the thought of the bleach pens that some people, selling linens on auction, suggest you use to remove stains!
Sun Crofting is using the sun's rays to naturally bleach a cloth. I have placed a vintage tablecloth, that I have soaked, on terry towels on top of a folding table outside in the sun. Some collectors place the tablecloth directly on green grass, to use the oxygen released by the grass's photosynthesis process. (I don't do that as we spray alot of bug sprays, plus we have pets.) I had great results using the table outside, suncrofting to remove extremely bad storage stains, from a Luther Travis Tablecloth. When you do this, make sure you spray cool water on the tablecloth to keep it damp. I used a clean spray bottle on fine spray and cool water. You need to constantly watch your linen in the sun. Don't forget about it...leave it out too long and it could start to fade!
I have tried ddseven spot remover on the white background of a cotton tablecloth, to remove old dye, and grease. This is a strong spot remover, so be careful! It starts to make color run, so don't put it on the colored part! And you need good ventilation! ddseven with lemon juice is great to remove rust stains. Sometimes lemon juice alone (if the rust stain is fairly recent) will work on it's own. (If there is alot of rust stain, when you remove it there may be a hole, as the fibers have been 'eaten' away!
To remove musty odors in linens, VTLC club members have suggested a soak in Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (detergent boost & household cleaner), a soak in pure baking soda and warm water (not too for dye runs!), or vinegar in a rinse. Also, Biz will get out odors, as I had removed musty odor and alot of dirt from vintage crocheted table lace. (Another club member had the same results with vintage lace. This was the 'old' Biz before they added the oxy to it.) If you have tea stained vintage lace, Biz will cause the dye to run! I quickly rinsed my lace with cold water and it was OK.
I have used Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, made by Beacon Adhesives, to close tiny pin holes on tablecloths. I bought it at WalMart. I liked it better than Fray Check, which I found runny. Fabri-Tac is more like a gel. I applied it sparingly using my fingernail and a toothpick, to close the fibers of the cloth. On a linen tablecloth, it looked like a flub in the cloth, when I was done. This has a strong odor also! You need good ventilation! If you resell a tablecloth you have tacked pin holes on, please list it in your auction, or website description. If you are not "excellent" at doing this, maybe it's best to just point out the tiny pin holes in your description.
Another "tablecloth rescue": I purchased a late 1940's? french blue and white colored water lily patterned tablecloth. It was hole free, and a heavy cotton sailcloth material. It had horrid stains, some looking like rust. I soaked it in just water, then in (the pre Oxy)Biz, then in oxyclean with Ivory Snow Liquid, then I spot removed with a paste of Oxy Magic powder placed on each stain. I went over the tablecloth about 3 times! Then it was rinsed, and rinsed, and rinsed, by hand, and hung outside in the sun. It takes a lot of patience and hard work, but it's possible to change a seriously horrid looking tablecloth into a gorgeous one!
I am sharing my experiences with you. Nothing is fool proof when you are learning to clean vintage 'cloths. Even the experts have made take your chances. Make sure a fabric is washable by testing an inconspicuous outside corner, if possible. Some vintage fabrics with silk or rayon, may have to be drycleaned. Sometimes the drycleaners will ruin things! I had great success getting storage stains out of 50's barkcloth curtains, by soaking in Ivory Snow Liquid and spotting with "Simple Green". Hanging on the line in the sun did them good also.
To store vintage fabrics, make sure they are clean. Then wrap them is acid free white tissue paper, or washed unbleached muslin. I think the muslin is great as it won't tear. Every 3-4 months you should refold your tablecloths to prevent fiber damage. Using spray starch on fabrics creates a sugar treat for bugs, so I do not want to use it. If you use it on a tablecloth, you need to completely wash out the spray starch, before you store the tablecloth. If you're storing your items in a closet, put moth/bug repelling sachets in the closet, especially using cedar and lavender. I have a cedar lined chest that I'm using for cloths. Make sure the cloths do not touch the wood, even cedar, as it breaks down the fibers. Being near paper or cardboard hurts too. Plastic bags and containers give off gas vapors. It'll cause storage stains and even holes. I hope this has been helpful.

My favorite vintage linen books are:
Collectors' Guide to Vintage Tablecloths by Pamela Glasell, a Schiffer Book
Collectors' Guide to Vintage Souvenir Tablecloths & Linens by Pamela Glasell, a Schiffer Book
Colorful Tablecloths 1930s - 1960s Threads of the Past by Yvonne Barineau & Erin Henderson
Colorful Vintage Kitchen Towels by Erin Henderson & Yvonne Barineau
Elegant Table Linens From Weil & Durrse including Wilendur with Price Guide by Michelle Hayes
FABULOUS BARKCLOTH Home Decorating Textiles from the 30s, 40s, & 50s by Loretta Smith Fehling
(I need to purchase more books, on antique lace & linens.)

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