Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Friend's Reality Check...I'm having one too...

I was just reading A Sentimental Journey's Blog, and it really hit me hard, that quite a few people are having to deal with some very 'heavy' stuff lately!
Today's blog will not be an antique 'show off' or attempt to 'sell my 'wares! LOL
Instead, I'll be serious for a bit... My previous blog was about my favorite antique store closing...Now all of my vintage & antiques, and furnishings, right down to the decorative hooks on the walls...are now packed away at my home! That alone is bad enough! That was my stress relief, my fun, my passion, away from home and work! The worst thing friend is trying to survive his 'baby' closing, after all the heart & soul he has put into that business!
My physical health, trying to cope with not being able to do what I did before, and fighting to keep my job and keep so hard, but I'm determined not to cry...I want and need to stay angry, and all 'fired up', so I can keep going! My 'grit' and determination have not been 'called upon' for this long and hard a time, ever before! I'm not afraid of identity theft to express things here, as I'd luv for someone to steal my life and live it right now, taking over all my medical bills and other debts! They'd 'crack up'...they couldn't handle it! And they wouldn't have my DH for loving support!
The third thing, that I cannot control, is my mother dying...she's in paliative care right now, and I'm just waiting for the phone call! I won't be able to go to the funeral as it's in my home country, and no money, no time (have to keep my job!), and customs constraints (I'm a legal resident here.) My eldest sister sounded so depressed on the phone about me not being able to be with them when it happens....
Our 'sweetheart sis' (in the middle) is having trouble with a very bad broken bone near her hip not healing, and she can't work! She may have to sell her 1930's home and move into an apartment! :O(
A friend I work with here, had alot of family troubles, and her favorite nephew just died! He was in his early '20's! It seems like a 'bloody' soap opera (as the 'Brits' would say)! Are alot of people getting 'tested' in their lives lately? And I'm not just talking about the economy....
The fourth thing that I couldn't control, was my eldest son being in Iraq on his third tour of duty! He is now discharged from the army, moved into an apartment with his best friend in Austin, and signing up for college classes the end of May!
He stopped in briefly Thurs. to pick up his motorcycle, and a few things we were storing for him. He couldn't leave his 'girls' in the front of his truck too long! LOL He has two gorgeous, happy female brindle colored puppies, from the pit bull rescue in Tennessee! They were all excited to meet me, and forgot their manners (that my son is trying so hard to teach them!) of them gave me a big kiss right on the mouth! Ugh! LOL Pet son is sooo smart! He'll be fine, and is getting his life on track! I can worry 'a little less' about him, and get less grey hair! LOL
Now I'm going to get all sentimental on you..."When a door closes...God opens a window!"
I think I'm greedy, but I'd luv another window to for my youngest son...the dreamer and entrepreneur...he's trying to get a supply website going with a large corporation...I will keep praying on that! I want to see him reach his goal...he's waited so long....


  1. Hey There, Diane! So glad you stopped by, and it really is a home-hitting situation out there, isn't it??! Ugh. . . I know that there are so many not as fortunate to land on their feet as quickly as DH did, and I keep them all in my prayers :) Great to hear from you. I'll stop by more often for sure, now that I know you're here :) xo P

  2. Whoopsie! Forgot to mention, I added you to my bloggie roll if that's okay??? THanks, D!!

  3. Oh Geesh ~ me again! Diane, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. It's sooooo very difficult. My sweet Father in Law left us just over one year ago after a not-so-long illness, several months, but it was so painful for everyone. My own Dad left us 10 years ago at the age of 68, very suddenly. Not sure which is worse, but I do know that it's always always difficult for families! Much love to you my friend!! xo P

  4. So very sorry to hear of your Mother ... may the good Lord cradle her forever. May your precious memories & love linger forever ...

    I see you are interested in quilts. I collect & sell feedsacks ... I love the colors & prints. I hope you will pop over & join me on my blog. I don't know how to join your blob, if you would tell me please.

    Have a sweet day. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Thank you for your 'well wishes'! It is much appreciated! Patrice...I'm already a follower of your blog, so please sign on as a follower of mine!
    Marydon, thank you for joining as a follower. I'll take a look at your blog! :O)