Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vintage Gloves Are Making A Come Back!

As fashion styles revolve and do fashion accessories, and vintage gloves are making a come back! Whether to wear to an opera opening...
to a friend's wedding...
or to a photo shoot... Some people like something historically special, as these post WWII black kid leather gloves from the U.S.A. zone of Occupied Germany...
I had been amazed when I first saw the stamp inside... gloves have returned to the fashion world...isn't it better to buy vintage? Vintage gloves are a wonderful accent to a special outfit, to make it stand out... Vintage Ladies Cream Hand Sewn Gloves Bead Trim Size 6 1/2
they come in so many color choices and fabrics... Vintage 1940s Ladies Long Navy Gloves MWT Size 6 1/2
and some have never been used. They are in mint condition...still with the original tags attached, as these two pairs of gorgeous vintage gloves! Vintage gloves, with a vintage hat and, don't get me started.... :O)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Luv2LuvAntiques 'The Vintage Linen Restorer' Is A Happy One Indeed!

I am a restorer of vintage and antiques, and I especially luv to restore the vintage printed tablecloths and tea towels of the 1930's to 1960's. It is especially gratifying to find others who appreciate vintage linens of the past, and really like using the lovingly used ones!
I found these two vintage towels at an estate sale, thrown willy-nilly, with a bunch of other linens on a long table. They had horrid stains, and most people would think they were destined for the 'rag bag', but not 'this' linen restorer! After hours of soaking, and suncrofting on the line outside, they had but a few very pale spots, and the lovely bright color of the Chicken Today towel caught the eye! The poor Carousel kitchen towel was so faded, but with the much needed TLC...the textured fabric just 'popped'! The lady who purchased them from my etsy shop, left feedback saying how much she loved the towels! :O)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Luv2LuvAntiques Will Help You Reminisce!

Luv2LuvAntiques is truly a 'vintage picker' with a passion...a passion for collecting! So, as I collect 'new' old things...I must part with some of the 'old'! Two of my favorites may take you back to the 1950's, and help you reminisce...or for the younger set, help you discover the fabulous '50's!

Vintage 1950s 45 Record Case to help you remember the start of Rock 'n Roll!

Vintage 1950s Decoware Picnic Basket to reminisce about a simpler life!

Those lazy days of the beach!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Luv2LuvAntiques The Finder of Lost Vintage?

I've had yet another heartwarming experience to share with you! A lady contacted me by phone, about this lovely Vintage Schumann Dresden Flowers_Empress_Demitasse Teacup and Saucer, that she had purchased from my website. She had been searching for it for a long time. Her cousin had found it on my website, as she had been enlisted in the hunt! Apparently the vintage teacup and saucer that arrived at her home today, will take the place of the one, that has a chip on the cup, and a lovingly glued together saucer. She has the teapot, creamer, and sugar, to go with the original teacup and saucer, that had been a wedding gift over 36 years ago! This gives her the chance to use her tea set again! Apparently the original is sitting on display in her china cabinet...too broken to use, but too loved to part with! :O)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Vintage 'Picker' Finds The Perfect Match!

I've been selling antiques / vintage for years...I hate to think how long! LOL The most satisfaction I have, is finding the 'perfect fit'...matching the 'perfect' item to the 'perfect' person! Definitely, very few antique or vintage pieces are 'perfect', but it seems that way when an item is 'matched to a person in the most 'uncanny' way!
Take for example...the framed 1900's advertisement for an early typewriter, that was purchased by a teacher who had the very same typewriter! She was so happy to hang it up in her home office!
Another lady was thrilled to purchase a 1970's Tinkerbell lunch box with thermos, that was just like the one she had when she was a girl!
More recently, a N.Y. nautical designer purchased a vintage 1970's men's nautical flag bathrobe from me. It was the 'perfect fit', in more ways than one!
But the latest one touched my heart...a lady emailed my website asking me if my vintage 1940's rosary bracelet was still for sale. She said her home had been robbed while she and her hubby were out on a date! All her jewelry had been stolen except what she was wearing. One of the stolen items had been a vintage rosary bracelet with alot of sentimental value. She wore it to remember her deceased aunt. The rosary bracelet I had, looked just like it! It was a match! :O)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Luv2LuvAntiques Looks At Pricing Antiques / Vintage

Vintage 1960s Crocheted Bedspread Blanket Pastel Colors Handmade Shell Pattern SALE

I started to reply to a discussion posted at, one of my favorite social network sites, and found that my answer was becoming a here I am....
The question was:
What is the typical markup for an antique or collectible dealer between what they would buy an item for and what the asking price is? For instance, a dealer buys a cameo at an estate sale fro $20 - what will the price tag say on it in the store?

This is my answer:
With vintage / antiques there is no typical markup! The amount of mark up depends upon whether it is a 'brick and mortar' store, or an online store. When you are at a store in a certain locale, you may not be able to sell antiques / vintage for the higher price as in a larger city, or other region. Some items are not popular in one locale, and there is much supply, as in vintage linens, and in other places they are scarce, higher priced, and in demand.
With the example of the cameo: It depends on what type of cameo you have. Is it a vintage plastic or synthetic cameo, or is it an antique shell cameo? Is it finer quality? What condition is it in? And is it costume jewelry or fine gold?
There are alot of factors to take into consideration. I'm only selling online now, and I research what prices of similar items are online, at different venues. There is a wide range of pricing, from too low to very high. I try to price in moderation, unless I have a very rare item. You have to consider the economy right now, and whether you wish to sell an item quickly or wait for the suitable buyer. The main thing is to do your research!
Also, sometimes I find terrific bargains, and I certainly wouldn't price the item at 3 x my cost price for example, whereas other items I've paid more than I'd wanted to, and cannot ask 3x the cost price. Alot of it depends on what item you are selling, and how rare and unusual it is.
You cannot use the typical retail store markup, as retail stores may have a markup of 100%! Selling vintage / antiques is different.

I've seen alot of people listing vintage online at 'give-away' prices, that must be doing it for a hobby, as they certainly cannot be making any money, or need it. This practice is hurting the online selling market for small dealers, and devaluating vintage in this recession! People new to vintage expect deals like at a WalMart store. Also, vintage in excellent condition is getting harder to find. I have found that the mentality today is 'buy on sale' more than ever before! Most people are being very careful with their money.
If you are thinking of listing online have a bit of leeway in the pricing, that you will be able to put an item on sale. People luv sales! For example, at my etsy shop, I put different items on sale at different times, at different markdowns, just to make things interesting! Sometimes the customer may find a really great deal on an item, if I found it at a bargain price, as I like to pass the savings on! I like to think of myself as the vintage treasure hunter at estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores, while my potential customer is 'treasure hunting' online!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Luv2LuvAntiques Luvs Buried Linen Treasure!

This is a surprise find from a few years ago! I purchased a 'Lot' of vintage linens on ebay. Among the linens was a barkcloth covered pillow. I thought I would remove the 1950's barkcloth pillow cover and wash it. My hubby volunteered to remove it with my seam ripper, while he watched T.V., so I could keep listing items for sale online.

I didn't list very much that night, as we both had our interest piqued, when the removal of the barkcloth cover, revealed a much older pale yellow ticking fabric beneath, possibly 1930's to 1940's!

As my hubby removed the ticking cover, the suspense was 'killing' us! Just like buried treasure...this 1924 Folk Art Pillow was revealed!

I have no idea of the value of this pillow, but I'm sure any Textile Museum would luv it! It is made with real velvet fabric pieces! As a 'vintage linen luver' I think it is priceless! I plan on passing it down in the family! :O)