Saturday, July 24, 2010

Interesting Vintage Linen Stories...

I recently sold a southwest / Mexican Missions tablecloth at , that is going to be in a new Mexican restaurant in Africa! A lady who is over there for 3 months of the year, with a  a non-profit organization that works with street children and orphans in the small town of Kitale, Kenya, purchased it. She said she will open a Mexican restaurant for workers, and the residents there. Also, she said that the native foods there have much the same ingredients, as Mexican food, but are prepared differently.
Does anyone else have an interesting story about a vintage linen they bought or sold? I'd luv to hear them!

Linen / Textile Designers of the Past!

Many textile designers of the past are famous for their colorful tea towel and tablecloth designs.

One of my favorite designers is Luther Travis! I especially luv his bright fruit and floral tablecloths!

He is well known for many designs of the 1960s.

One that is most familiar to vintage tablecloth collectors is his grape vine pattern on linen.

I did an online search for Luther Travis, and found an article from 2001, about his cultivation of 2,000 orchids in Manhattan. He is an active member, and supporter, of the Manhattan Orchid Society, as he is listed as a member on their website.

I found it very interesting to know that his luv of floral continues!
I think it is so cool to find out how one of my favorite vintage textile designers is doing! That really 'dates' me doesn't it? LOL


You can see it at my etsy shop: Luther Travis Grape Vine Tablecloth

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Those Estate Sales Are Calling Me!!!

It is really difficult recouperating after knee replacement surgery, and not being able to drive...especially a new car that looks vintage!!!
Not that I need to procure more vintage / antique items, as the ones I have are too great to count, especially with all the jewelry pieces!
It's the 'vintage picker' in me that is crying collecting search for the next special 'treasure' that pops up now and then! For now, I am attempting to update my social networks, list a few things, and advertise on facebook and twitter. Now, all I have to do is beg my hubby to drive me to the next estate sale!!! LOL
For now, here is a gorgeous 1950s tablecloth, to tempt you, that I've listed at Vintage Floral Baskets Tablecloth :