Saturday, July 24, 2010

Linen / Textile Designers of the Past!

Many textile designers of the past are famous for their colorful tea towel and tablecloth designs.

One of my favorite designers is Luther Travis! I especially luv his bright fruit and floral tablecloths!

He is well known for many designs of the 1960s.

One that is most familiar to vintage tablecloth collectors is his grape vine pattern on linen.

I did an online search for Luther Travis, and found an article from 2001, about his cultivation of 2,000 orchids in Manhattan. He is an active member, and supporter, of the Manhattan Orchid Society, as he is listed as a member on their website.

I found it very interesting to know that his luv of floral continues!
I think it is so cool to find out how one of my favorite vintage textile designers is doing! That really 'dates' me doesn't it? LOL


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