Friday, February 27, 2009

My Very Unique 1950's Mastercrafters Wall Clock!

This is my very lovely vintage plastic wall clock by Mastercrafters, with the little lady swinging on her pendulum swing, keeping excellent time! :O)

Please show me your wall clocks!

What Do You Have On Your Kitchen Counter? :O)

I just luv my 1950's Turquoise Tube Radio made by Arvin...I listen to am talk radio with vintage style!
The Sunbeam Mixer I found at a local estate sale, but it is more for show, than use...too busy posting discussions at IAO I guess! LOL The Eames Era style vinyl cover I also purchased at an estate sale, but I only paid $1.00, and it cleaned easily! :O) I'll bet it was a blender cover, but it fits our wide sliced toaster really well!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Handmade Vintage Jewelled Photo Frames ~ Beautiful & Sparkling! They Can Be Yours To Treasure!

Recently, I have been getting back to my 'crafty' side! I have started creating my Vintage Jewelled Photo Frames. These first two vintage wooden frames came from a local estate sale. I found them during one of my treasure hunts! One of them has a photo of a very young Robert Taylor, who was a prevalent leading man in the motion picture industry. The photo of him in the one frame, appears to be from the late 1930's to 1940's.
The other picture frame was empty, so I printed the image of a vintage photo of Greta Garbo, giving it a bluish tinge, and placed it in the frame. I thought that was fitting, as they starred in the movie 'Camille' together, in 1937.
I layered the photo frames with vintage jewellry from the 1930's to 1950's, including many earrings, brooches, a scarf clip, and various vintage beads and crystals. I hope you will find them to your liking!
They would look beautiful in your home, or be a thoughtful gift!
Take a look at

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Much more important things to worry about!

As my previous posting touched upon trivial things that some people were so absorbed with...
A couple of days ago, I saw a middle aged gentleman, (very neatly dressed by the way), on a busy corner of the access road, that runs along one of our city's major expressways. He was holding up a sign to passing motorists that read: 'The War Is Over! Bring Our Troops Home!' I was thinking that this man may be a veteran or the
parent of a serviceman. He had a very determined look on his face...and he had all
of my respect....
As this is a predominantly military town, with our Naval base, and many young people from this area having joined the military, I think he was hoping that people would contact their congressman, or state representative.
I say...bring our remaining troops home!
My son has recently returned from his third tour of duty in Iraq! He told me that they can be recalled up to 8 years after their discharge! 8 years! My son has already reenlisted several times, so I say enough!!!
There are so many service people who are not assisted by the government when they are discharged, with health care, education, housing, and readjustment to being home
again. Or they are given very little assistance.
My son is extremely lucky that he is from Texas, as his education will be paid, and he will be assisted with housing. Other states do not have the same benefits for veterans! Veterans, in all of the U.S.A., need to be treated equally!
Please remember this when you are voting on an important government proposal!

There's an enemy in the house! LOL

'Just a little update on the antique online ning site...the administrator joined one of the sites that I, and quite a few others are on, just long enough to send invites to people to join their antique ning site. When found out by one of us, they deleted part of their profile! LOL I guess they thought it was a 'covert' operation! LOL
I feel sorry for the nice people who will sign up and start to see posts being deleted and being told what to do over there... :O(
As the old adage goes...'A horse will show it's true colors'... It's too bad they don't 'play nice'...they must have learned bad habits 'early on', in the 'sandbox'!
With all of the things going on in the be so so immature, and insecure. I feel sorry for people who need to tear down others to feel 'big' themselves. :O(
My blog has really turned into a serious, philosophical place hasn't it? But, everyone needs to 'vent'...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some ning sites are not 'user friendly'! :O(

I was a member of an antique online site for quite sometime, joining in discussions, posting blogs, moderating two very popular vintage groups. I was networking with many collectors and dealers of vintage & antiques. I was learning alot in areas that I was not familiar with, and meeting some very knowledgeable, and very, very nice people! I was even promoting that site on this blog!
It all came to a halt when I noticed posts and discussions being deleted, and members disappearing from the site! Members were asked to change their page content, as it was not to the editor's liking! There was nothing offensive with the content at all! One of my 'friends' was marked as banned from the site!
At first, I was stunned, and not knowing if I should ask; I was thinking...there you go Don Quixote...chasing your windmills again...standing up for the underdog again.... I did ask questions, and was feeling duped, and then got angry! My groups were going to be taken was starting! I was not fast enough to delete things, as others had, and I was banned for asking questions about the missing! Now I am labelled by that site administrator as one of the 'bad apples'! Well, the 'bad apples' do not fall very far from the tree! LOL
What is so shocking to me, is that three of the people that were forced out, are so knowledgeable in their areas of my opinion, they are practically historians! That ning site was fulfilling the adage of "cutting off your nose to spite your face"! The new sites these people have moved to, will benefit greatly from their knowledge and experience, as I will continue to!
We are finding each other, and starting up our groups again! We will welcome one and all, from the novice to the experienced collector, & dealer! All we wanted was a fun community of giving & sharing people, who network, promote their sales sites, and share knowledge! Well, we've been welcomed to new homes, where they encourage input, and creativity!
Come join alot of us at and . We will welcome you with open arms! :O)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you ready to Bonanzle? A Great Selling Site for Vintage & Antiques!

After encouragement from vintage sellers that have moved to Bonanzle, I have started listing items there. Today I had my first Bonanzle sale, which encourages me to list much, much more! It's a pretty easy site to understand, but I'm still learning the ropes, being a 'newbie'. Now...if I can only stop shopping! LOL
Maybe you might like to try to Bonanzle! If you'd like to take a look at my Bonanzle shop:
Luv2LuvAntiques Booth