Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Much more important things to worry about!

As my previous posting touched upon trivial things that some people were so absorbed with...
A couple of days ago, I saw a middle aged gentleman, (very neatly dressed by the way), on a busy corner of the access road, that runs along one of our city's major expressways. He was holding up a sign to passing motorists that read: 'The War Is Over! Bring Our Troops Home!' I was thinking that this man may be a veteran or the
parent of a serviceman. He had a very determined look on his face...and he had all
of my respect....
As this is a predominantly military town, with our Naval base, and many young people from this area having joined the military, I think he was hoping that people would contact their congressman, or state representative.
I say...bring our remaining troops home!
My son has recently returned from his third tour of duty in Iraq! He told me that they can be recalled up to 8 years after their discharge! 8 years! My son has already reenlisted several times, so I say enough!!!
There are so many service people who are not assisted by the government when they are discharged, with health care, education, housing, and readjustment to being home
again. Or they are given very little assistance.
My son is extremely lucky that he is from Texas, as his education will be paid, and he will be assisted with housing. Other states do not have the same benefits for veterans! Veterans, in all of the U.S.A., need to be treated equally!
Please remember this when you are voting on an important government proposal!

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