Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There's an enemy in the house! LOL

'Just a little update on the antique online ning site...the administrator joined one of the sites that I, and quite a few others are on, just long enough to send invites to people to join their antique ning site. When found out by one of us, they deleted part of their profile! LOL I guess they thought it was a 'covert' operation! LOL
I feel sorry for the nice people who will sign up and start to see posts being deleted and being told what to do over there... :O(
As the old adage goes...'A horse will show it's true colors'... It's too bad they don't 'play nice'...they must have learned bad habits 'early on', in the 'sandbox'!
With all of the things going on in the world...to be so petty...is so immature, and insecure. I feel sorry for people who need to tear down others to feel 'big' themselves. :O(
My blog has really turned into a serious, philosophical place hasn't it? But, everyone needs to 'vent'...

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