Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crafty People are so inspirational!

I was just reading Sharon's blog at C'est Chouette. Her needlepoint pillows are inspirational! Her creativity....
I see myself diving into a barrel of items, or looking under a table, too! LOL I've found vintage finds in hidden places, buried under other things too!
As I've put together three websites, and started listing my vintage items, I think I have reason to crow about it! My first customer, of one of my vintage quilts, lovingly gave praise for all of my hard work designing my web pages! If I were a peacock I would preen my feathers! LOL Maybe I'm being nonsensical, but that's how it felt!
I sold a quilt before my front web page was complete!
Tomorrow is my day off from my full time job, and time to take photos and list vintage!
I can hardly wait! :O)