Sunday, January 16, 2011

Luv2LuvAntiques Quandary Live Model Or Mannequin?

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Luv2LuvAntiques has a perplexing question! Live model or mannequin?
I have seen many vintage / antique sellers using mannequins, to display clothing and accessories in their photos for listings. Others have used human models. I have tried both!
If you have an attractive background arranged, with your mannequin or model ready and in position, suitable lighting, and a good quality digital camera, you are all set to go! A great advertising 'gimic' doesn't hurt either! And you have to think about who your 'target' audience is.
A while ago, I was watching a vintage fur stole auction on ebay. The seller had used a very attractive female model, wearing blue jeans that fit 'quite' well! As described in the listing, the fur stole was not the 'true' "Autumn Haze" brand name, which is valued at a much higher price, but it still sold around the $400.00 mark! In my opinion, many of the masculine persuasion were bidding!

Vintage 1940s Mens Smoking Jacket Robe Mint at

There are many variables involved with photography. One of them is to be adaptive when forces beyond your control are involved, such as dealing with 'Mother Nature' in taking outdoor photos!
Joan, my lovely mannequin in the penoir set, was still as could be, while I dealt with light breezes, and nightgown arrangement. My adorable hubby, on the other hand, began squinting with the sunlight in his eyes. Although I told him how handsome and dashing he looked in the 1940s robe...just like Cary was to 'no avail'! He became impatient so I took the photo quickly.
I did receive comments from ladies, about my hubby modelling, but I don't think they were looking at 'just' the bathrobe!
The great thing about mannequins...they don't talk back! :O)