Thursday, September 30, 2010

Favorite Vintage Jewelry Doesn't Have To Match...

Sometimes the best vintage costume jewelry is not the most expensive, or a set, for that matter. It's the pieces we luv, and that catch our imagination! One of the eras that captures my imagination is the 'Roaring '20's'!
Two of these pieces may be from the 1920's, as they sure look old enough to be from a 'flapper'...the brass / bakelite bangle, and the long green beaded necklace. The green / blue beaded earrings, I am guessing to be from the 1940's, but this 'set' of three that I have put together is fun to wear! They complement each other!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Benefits of Owning a Jewelers Loupe...

I had put off buying a jewelers loupe for quite sometime, but finally I did go to a gold and gem shop that sold them. I found the loupes to be very inexpensive; mine was only $18.00 + tax.
Since then I have used it constantly at estate sales, collectible malls, and rechecking my own collection of vintage costume jewelry. The print on top of the jewelers loupe is wearing off...I have used it so often! I'm pretty sure it was 10x magnification. The shopkeeper had said that was the strongest I would need for my 'treasure hunting'.
Just recently I have found designer names on some of my vintage costume jewelry, and I found a very tiny STG with a hallmark, for sterling silver, on the backings of a pair of rhinestone earrings! I'm so glad I finally bought my jewelers loupe! :O)

Vintage Sterling Silver Rhinestone Dangling Earrings at BlackRain4's Etsy Shop