Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Pets Are Part of Our Family!

Recently our dog Sandy had surgical removal of a tumor and lymph node over the mammary gland area (Jan.25th). The biopsies came out negative, thank heaven!
We had taken Sandy in years ago, as a runaway and abused dog, and she had heartworms, and was pregnant to boot! (We think Sandy had run away with her friend Angel, our son's dog, from a trailor park in our area.)
After Sandy had eight puppies she was treated for the heartworms. We kept two of her pups, and a friend from work took one, but it broke my heart to take 5 of her puppies in to the Humane Society! I could only hope they found good loving homes! Sandy's crying when the pups had been taken away from her, broke my heart! My poor hubby had to deal with a blubbering idiot, when we dropped the 5 puppies off!
Both my husband and I had been nursemaids for Sandy and her puppies! She had a large box, that my hubby had constructed, to help keep the pups with her, in our bedroom. That was a 'fun' time, especially the pups running all over the place as they grew!
We also helped her through the heartworm treatment, and spaying. She has been the most loving, and sweet dog! She's also been the best watch dog we've ever had! She could hear someone way down the street, and our other dogs would be sleeping! LOL
Now she's older and going deaf, but still very full of life!
I had thought she was about 12 now, but I'd forgotten that the vet guessed her age to be about 3-4 years old, when she first found our home! She is 13-14 years old now, and acts much younger!
The evening after this recent surgery, she was jumping up and down wanting her supper and cookie...almost giving me a heart attack! LOL
To say I love Sandy is definitely an understatement!

Sandy at the beach!

Sandy and Angel at the beach dragging my hubby by the leash! LOL