Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some ning sites are not 'user friendly'! :O(

I was a member of an antique online site for quite sometime, joining in discussions, posting blogs, moderating two very popular vintage groups. I was networking with many collectors and dealers of vintage & antiques. I was learning alot in areas that I was not familiar with, and meeting some very knowledgeable, and very, very nice people! I was even promoting that site on this blog!
It all came to a halt when I noticed posts and discussions being deleted, and members disappearing from the site! Members were asked to change their page content, as it was not to the editor's liking! There was nothing offensive with the content at all! One of my 'friends' was marked as banned from the site!
At first, I was stunned, and not knowing if I should ask; I was thinking...there you go Don Quixote...chasing your windmills again...standing up for the underdog again.... I did ask questions, and was feeling duped, and then got angry! My groups were going to be taken was starting! I was not fast enough to delete things, as others had, and I was banned for asking questions about the missing! Now I am labelled by that site administrator as one of the 'bad apples'! Well, the 'bad apples' do not fall very far from the tree! LOL
What is so shocking to me, is that three of the people that were forced out, are so knowledgeable in their areas of my opinion, they are practically historians! That ning site was fulfilling the adage of "cutting off your nose to spite your face"! The new sites these people have moved to, will benefit greatly from their knowledge and experience, as I will continue to!
We are finding each other, and starting up our groups again! We will welcome one and all, from the novice to the experienced collector, & dealer! All we wanted was a fun community of giving & sharing people, who network, promote their sales sites, and share knowledge! Well, we've been welcomed to new homes, where they encourage input, and creativity!
Come join alot of us at and . We will welcome you with open arms! :O)

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