Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Handmade Vintage Jewelled Photo Frames ~ Beautiful & Sparkling! They Can Be Yours To Treasure!

Recently, I have been getting back to my 'crafty' side! I have started creating my Vintage Jewelled Photo Frames. These first two vintage wooden frames came from a local estate sale. I found them during one of my treasure hunts! One of them has a photo of a very young Robert Taylor, who was a prevalent leading man in the motion picture industry. The photo of him in the one frame, appears to be from the late 1930's to 1940's.
The other picture frame was empty, so I printed the image of a vintage photo of Greta Garbo, giving it a bluish tinge, and placed it in the frame. I thought that was fitting, as they starred in the movie 'Camille' together, in 1937.
I layered the photo frames with vintage jewellry from the 1930's to 1950's, including many earrings, brooches, a scarf clip, and various vintage beads and crystals. I hope you will find them to your liking!
They would look beautiful in your home, or be a thoughtful gift!
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  1. I love to see vintage jewelry being put to good use. It is so much fun finding these treasures!

  2. Sandy...and it's so addictive! LOL :O)
    I luv your earrings with vintage beads!