Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Vintage 'Picker' Finds The Perfect Match!

I've been selling antiques / vintage for years...I hate to think how long! LOL The most satisfaction I have, is finding the 'perfect fit'...matching the 'perfect' item to the 'perfect' person! Definitely, very few antique or vintage pieces are 'perfect', but it seems that way when an item is 'matched to a person in the most 'uncanny' way!
Take for example...the framed 1900's advertisement for an early typewriter, that was purchased by a teacher who had the very same typewriter! She was so happy to hang it up in her home office!
Another lady was thrilled to purchase a 1970's Tinkerbell lunch box with thermos, that was just like the one she had when she was a girl!
More recently, a N.Y. nautical designer purchased a vintage 1970's men's nautical flag bathrobe from me. It was the 'perfect fit', in more ways than one!
But the latest one touched my heart...a lady emailed my website asking me if my vintage 1940's rosary bracelet was still for sale. She said her home had been robbed while she and her hubby were out on a date! All her jewelry had been stolen except what she was wearing. One of the stolen items had been a vintage rosary bracelet with alot of sentimental value. She wore it to remember her deceased aunt. The rosary bracelet I had, looked just like it! It was a match! :O)


  1. This is a terrifc story! What a happy buyer you must have! Pam S.

  2. This is what makes selling online worthwhile! :O)