Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's late in the day...

It's almost midnight, and it's very quiet. All I hear is the ticking of my 1950's wall clock, and the clicking of the keyboard as I type. My hubby is in bed, as he has to work early in the morning. I work Mon. 11-7. I'm the 'night owl' goes with my job, I guess.
I really don't have time for this blogging, but I guess it is good therapy! LOL
You'd better watch what you blog...'big brother may be watching'! LOL Have you seen "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Gene Hackman? That was a 'good' movie!
I've purchased a few domain names, and will be working on a couple of websites. I have some pretty good ideas for what will be on them, and different themes for the front pages. I'm thinking of taking photos of vintage and doing collages in different themes, for the different sites. I don't know if Paint Shop Pro will be enough, or I'll have to buy a program to do that. Maybe something from Kodak?
I like to be creative, so I'd like to do it myself. Web pages are expensive too. One I liked was $350.00! It will come in time! :O)

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