Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful Bags! Purses with Pizzazz! Beaded Beauties!

I am a member of the VTLC (Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club) and I've become a 'Linen Addict' as I call myself! LOL And as some of you know...I'm becoming a 'Vintage Quilt Vixen'! I feel like a fox in a hen house attacking, when I've had occasion to run into an estate sale to grab quilts on the second day when they are reduced in price! LOL
But now...I have a growing collectors obsession with vintage handbags...'30's & '40's tapestries, Victorian drawstring purses, beaded handbags from the '40's. '50's & '60's! And they are so difficult to part with! I can't keep them all! My bedroom is over flowing...and my husband lives there too! LOL
So, please come up with a name for my newest obsession, but please be kind! :O)

Here are two (so far...) of my purses that I have dared to part with, if you'd like to take a look! :O)

Vintage Whiting Davis Gold Clutch Bag /Purse!

Vintage Whiting Davis Black Mesh Bag / Purse!


  1. love these! They are so wonderful. Not sure of a name....but I'll keep thinking.

  2. LOL! I don't know a name Diane, but I have the same obsession!! But in addition to vintage tablecloths and purses, add powder compacts, vintage jewelry, Fiestaware....Oh, I could go on and on! LOL! Fun isn't it??

  3. Hi! I posted this on a couple of ning sites, and kept getting the name 'Bag Lady', but I also was given 'Handbag Hoarder', the 'Purse Snatcher', and the 'Passionate Purse Pursuer', which I like the best so far! LOL

  4. Was wondering how much this purse is worth. I have one exactly like the black one from my mom a thinking about selling it. Thanks Tara