Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Etsy: A fun site for Collectors of Vintage & Antiques! Another great venue for Sellers!

I have recently started working on my Etsy Shop. I am finding Etsy easy to navigate, and set up 'shop'! I see more vintage and antiques on Etsy, than I did a few months ago. The word is spreading that Etsy is a growing, and seller friendly community!

I enjoy seeing all the handmade items, such as quilts, and crocheted throws, by MyCraftyCorner.etsy.com. Bonnie sold me a MWT Vintage Golden Roses Tablecloth, so she has a friend for life! LOL
I looked at jewelry handcrafted using antique / vintage pieces, along with the modern.
And also, there is clothing made from vintage linens, such as for babies and toddlers, by I Antique Online's own Tina, who is Bossy Baby Vintage and Organic Clothing! Her organic baby onesies, and toddlers dresses made with vintage pillowcases, and embelished with laces, hankies, and ribbons, really impressed me! She is so creative! So visit her Etsy Store...Bossy Baby1.etsy.com and website http://www.bossybaby.com

Now, to thoroughly confuse you...as my website is www.luv2luvantiques.com (which my working on, is postponed again! LOL), my ebay ID is BlackRain4 (can you guess where that came from? LOL Any movie buffs out there?)
I was selling a bit on ebay, and now I'm selling on Etsy. So...I named my Etsy site....BlackRain4's Vintage & Antique Shop. I'll be showcasing vintage & antiques...linens & lace, quilts, bedspreads, kitchenware, jewelry, etc., and some things handcrafted from vintage. My 1930's Vintage Photo Frames decorated with Vintage Jewelry, will be my first handcrafted items. I'm just starting up, so please don't be too critical! LOL
Diane Mc (BlackRain4 at ebay.com)(www.BlackRain4.etsy.com)
I'm starting a website: www.Luv2LuvAntiques.com
I'm a member of www.vintagetableclothsclub.com

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

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