Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mini Vacation and Car Buying!

It's funny, but a year later, my DH and I are back in Houston, staying at the same Hyatt Hotel, and revisiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science, but this time for just one night. We came primarily for car buying, but had to revisit our favorite museum!
I have to be practical, especially in this 'day and age', and I've traded in my truck for a small car. Now we are driving a slightly used 2010 Chevy HHR, that only had a little over 10,100 miles, when we bought it! With it's fold down back seats, and added storage room at the back of the wagon, when you remove the hide-a-way cover, you can probably fit a small piece of furniture in the back! It's supposed to get 32 miles on the highway, and it will keep track of the 'it' will let us know! LOL
The HHR is very roomy inside for seating, rides really well, and has great 'pick up' for a little car!
It's modeled after the 1938 Chevy Suburban, so it reminds me of a prohibition 'gangster' car! A vintage looking car for a vintage couple! I luv it! We'll drive it for awhile and let you know what we think!
It does have plenty of room for my estate sale finds in the back, and a friend to accompany me in the front! And it will sure save me miles on the road! My car is a cool looking charcoal grey with running boards! :O)

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