Monday, August 16, 2010

The Fine Line Between 'Vintage Picker With A Passion' or 'Vintage Hoarder'!

Collecting vintage and antiques can become very addictive! I'm a 'case in point'! It is a very fine line between a 'vintage picker' and a 'vintage hoarder'!
As I was watching an episode of the 'American Pickers', on the History channel, it showed a man who let Mike and Frank come to his place with the expectation to buy, and it was like 'prying teeth' for them to make any purchases. The man was asking very high retail prices for his antiques and vintage!
That show can be a great lesson for all of us 'vintage and antique lovers'. Continue the 'hunt' for your all time vintage treasure, but part with some of the ones you have...share your finds with others!
Here is a great example of a costume jewelry find, that I will never part least I don't think so! LOL It is a 1930s Coral Floral Necklace, that came in the original company box. But..I had to put a piece of jewelry in my 'selling' pile....

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